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The Ka-85 "Kestrel" - the latest from the Russian "helicopter - the invisible", made using the technology of "stealth". It is a deep modernization of the Ka-58, used a combination of ceramic armor facial layer and the substrate made ​​of reinforced plastic, enhanced version of the protection of the "Red Count", used by helicopters RAX-66 Commanche

Weight 9500 kg
Armament CPG, NAR, ATGMs, AB, SD-In
Flight range of 2,000 km
Set the height of 850 m / min

Technology "stealth" has become very popular in the 21st century. It allows you to reduce the radio - visibility technique is almost 100%. Was first used in the U.S. B-50 aircraft. Later began to be used on other types of equipment. This technology is also applied early post-Soviet space.

Armament The Ka 85: Built-in 30-mm gun 2A42, anti-tank - Vortex, M, UR B-B - Igla-M, Ur X-29T, NAR - C-8.

The performance characteristics:


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